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Imagine stepping out of the shower feeling refreshed and clean, with no filmy residue on your skin or hair. Envision sparkling dishes and gleaming glassware, free of stubborn water spots. Picture your washing machine and dishwasher running smoothly without the damaging effects of hard water. This is the reality you can experience with a water softener in your Plano, TX, home.

At NTX Plumbing, we understand the frustration and inconvenience caused by hard water. From the visible scale buildup on your fixtures to the invisible damage it inflicts on your appliances, hard water can be a real headache. That’s why we offer high-quality water softener installation and repair services. Beyond this, you can count on us for all your plumbing needs, from drain cleaning to water heater installation.

What Are the Benefits of Water Softeners?

Installing a water softener in your home offers a multitude of benefits:

Luxurious Bathing and Softer Skin:

Hard water can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated after showering or bathing. Soft water, on the other hand, provides a luxurious bathing experience, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and clean. You'll also notice a significant improvement in the lathering of soap and shampoo.

Spotless Dishes and Sparkling Glassware:

Hard water minerals can leave unsightly white spots and film on your dishes and glassware, regardless of how diligently you clean them. A water softener eliminates this problem, ensuring sparkling clean dishes and glassware every time you wash.

Improved Appliance Efficiency and Lifespan:

Hard water buildup can clog pipes, reduce appliance efficiency, and shorten the lifespan of your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, and other plumbing fixtures. Soft water helps prevent these issues, saving you money on repairs and replacements in the long run.

Reduced Laundry Detergent Use:

Soft water allows soap and detergent to lather more effectively, meaning you can use less detergent when washing clothes. This not only saves you money on laundry supplies but also helps protect the environment from excess sudsy runoff.

Softer Fabrics and Brighter Colors:

Hard water minerals can cause clothes to feel stiff and fade colors over time. Soft water helps maintain the softness and vibrancy of your clothes for longer.

Reduced Cleaning Time and Effort:

Soft water makes cleaning your entire home easier and more efficient. From eliminating mineral buildup on faucets and showerheads to reducing soap scum on bathroom surfaces, soft water helps you achieve a cleaner look with less effort.

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Contact Us If You Need Water Softener Repair or Installation

Whether you’re considering installing a water softener for the first time or your existing system needs repair, NTX Plumbing, one of the best water softener installation companies in Plano, TX, is here to help. Here’s why you should choose us:

Expert Advice and Water Testing:

Our experienced technicians can assess your water hardness level and recommend the right water softener system for your home's specific needs.

High-Quality Water Softener Installation:

We use top-of-the-line water softeners from reputable brands and ensure your system is installed correctly and efficiently to maximize its effectiveness. On top of that, we offer water softener maintenance near Plano, TX.

Professional Water Softener Repair:

If your existing water softener is malfunctioning, our skilled plumbers can diagnose the problem and provide prompt and reliable repairs.

Excellent Customer Service:

We prioritize communication and transparency throughout the process. Our friendly technicians will answer any questions you have and explain everything clearly.

Competitive Prices:

We offer competitive rates for both water softener installation and repairs. You'll receive a detailed estimate upfront before any work begins.

How Much Does Water Softener Replacement Cost in Plano, TX?

The cost of this service can vary depending on several factors, including:

Type of water softener system:

There are different types of water softeners in Plano, TX, each with varying features and capacities. We can help you choose the most suitable and cost-effective option for your needs.

Size of your home:

Larger homes typically require a larger water softener system to handle the higher water demand.

The complexity of installation:

The difficulty of installing your water softener system can influence the overall cost.

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Professional Installation of Water Softeners in Plano, TX

We take pride in offering professional water softener installation services in this area. Our experienced technicians will:
Contact NTX Plumbing at 972-836-9740 and schedule professional installation of water softeners in Plano, TX, today!


Our professional team is based in Plano, TX, but we also serve the surrounding areas. Contact us to see if we provide services in your location. Let us help you find the perfect water softener solution for your home.

Water softeners typically require periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This may include replenishing salt or potassium pellets in the brine tank, cleaning or replacing the resin beads, and checking for any leaks or malfunctions. Our technicians can perform routine maintenance to keep your water softener running smoothly.

Some homeowners may choose to install a water softener themselves. However, professional installation is recommended to ensure proper setup, plumbing connections, and calibration. Our experienced technicians can handle the installation process efficiently and ensure your water softener functions correctly.

The operating costs of a water softener system are relatively low, consisting mainly of the cost of salt or potassium pellets for regeneration. The benefits of improved water quality and reduced maintenance for plumbing and appliances often outweigh the operating costs.

To schedule a consultation or learn more about our water softener services, simply contact our team via phone or online form. We'll be happy to discuss your needs, answer any questions, and recommend the best water softener solution for your home.


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