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Home sweet home are two words that ring truer when nestled within the serene streets of Irving, TX. It’s where we seek sanctuary from the outside world. But even in our bastion, trouble can come knocking. Imagine a busy Monday morning and the rush to get ready for the day, only to find a plumbing disaster unfolding in the kitchen. In times like these, what you need isn’t just a plumber in Irving, TX; you need a professional who can swiftly detect, diagnose, and deliver the solution to your plumbing woes. NTX Plumbing stands tall, not just as a company but as your reliable partner in keeping your haven safe from any plumbing surprises.

Explore our reviews and join the satisfied ranks of customers who have experienced our exceptional service first hand. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Comprehensive Plumbing Mastery at Your Service

Plumbing issues can arise from a variety of sources, requiring a versatile and adept team to handle them. We pride ourselves on offering a full spectrum of services that address all aspects of your plumbing system. From the most mundane maintenance to the intricate installation of advanced fixtures, we ensure every job is completed with precision and care.
For All Your Faucet Emergencies and Upgrades

There’s a special beauty to a leak-free home. It’s a place where peace reigns, and the ambiance sings with serenity. Our expert plumbers in Irving, TX, know this, and they take great pride in Faucet Installations and repairs. From the timely replacements that curb drips from becoming disastrous floods to the meticulous repairs that resurrect the tiniest of trickles into robust streams, we infuse efficiency back into your essentials.

The Gas Whisperers
The subtleness of a gas leak is often its most dangerous attribute. With our discerning gas line plumbing services, we employ the strictest safety measures. Whether it’s detecting a leak before it’s too late or installing new lines for your culinary and warming indulgences, we don’t just bring back the comfort; we bring back the peace of mind.
Rejuvenating with Repiping
Old pipes groan and grumble—the unmistakable sound of aging infrastructure. Our skilled artisans at NTX Plumbing, a leading repiping company, swoop in to replace the old with the new. The symphony of silence that follows is a home’s way of saying thank you.
The Art of Detection

Slab Leak Detection isn’t a skill; it’s an art form. It takes an intuitive and highly trained professional to trace the hidden culprits that lurk beneath the very foundation of your living space. Our state-of-the-art equipment and leak detection finesse ensure we root out even the faintest sign of trouble with precision.

Water Heaters with Heart
Life without a functional water heater in Irving, TX, is a trial by frostbite. Our Water Heaters team is not just adept at installations and repairs; they’re passionate about the warmth they restore to homes. We ensure that every shower is a toasty luxury and that every dish is cleaned with the power of pure heat.
Softening with Skill

The feeling of freshly softened water is unmatched. Our water softener services in North Richland Hills, Highland Park, TX, transform the mundane into the luxurious, beating the soap suds into a frothy frenzy and your hair into a bundle of post-wash softness. It’s not just clean; it’s an experience that feels like a spa in the comfort of your home.

The Saviors of Emergency Water Line Repair
An emergency water line repair can turn your day upside down or at least turn your feet into ankle-deep water. We understand the urgency and emotional distress that such situations bring. Our emergency water line repair service is designed to be swift and diligent and restore your water woes with the calmness they deserve.

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Power Through Your Day with Our Commercial Plumbing Services

The bustling life of a business demands plumbing no less robust. Our commercial plumbing in Irving, TX, services understand the need for efficiency and professionalism. We keep your business running without a pause, ensuring the plumbing is the last thing on your mind.

Squeaky-Clean with Expert Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Sewer and drain cleaning in Irving, TX, isn’t just a service; it’s an experience. The gurgling of water down a drain that used to choke up is like music to our ears. We understand the satisfaction of a well-cleared pipe, and we deliver it every time.

Few things are as inconvenient as a clogged toilet, and we understand that urgency is key. Our swift solutions have you back in business without delay. 

Your call is our command. No drain is too far, no situation too dire — our responsiveness is legendary. Don’t search for “drain cleaning near me“. Instead, call us directly.

Sewage issues are a storm of their own. With our comprehensive sewer line services, we keep your systems flowing and your space safe.

Why Choose Us?

In the world of plumbing, experience, and equipment are the allies you want. We boast a team of seasoned professionals, each armed with advanced tools and technologies that make leak detection an art form. Our customer satisfaction guarantee turns a one-time engagement into a relationship, an oath that echoes in every home we service:

Experienced Professionals:

Years of experience have sharpened our skills, turning every service call into an expertly navigated mission.

Advanced Leak Detection Technology:

Our arsenal of tools is constantly updated, providing a proactive approach to plumbing (Hydro jetting service for your home and places you need to rely on experts so call now).

Timely and Reliable Services:

Your time is invaluable, and so is our promise of punctuality and precision.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

We do not complete our services until your satisfaction is unequivocal. We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee that speaks volumes.

Don’t let hidden leaks wreak havoc on your property. Contact NTX Plumbing today for reliable plumbing, HVAC, and drain services in Irving, TX. Call us at 972-836-9740!


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