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NTX Plumbing provides professional sewer camera inspections for residents in Richardson and surrounding areas.

We recently purchased a house, and it being an older home it had quite a bit of plumbing issues. Alex and Jose came out have been working patiently with us to get the pipes repaired, the leaks fixed, the seals replaced, and plumbing flowing well. Both Alex and Jose have been very kind, patient, and professional as they have had to work on these old pipes. We're very grateful to them and their great work, because now we can shower and use the sinks, etc., without any issues.

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NTX Plumbing is our go to when it comes to backflow and plumbing services. They are very responsive and professional. We recommend them for all plumbing services.

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We've called NTX Plumbing a couple times over the last few months as we've had some big unexpected problems with gas lines and water lines. They've been professional, responsive, accommodating, and competitively-priced. Highly recommend.

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A sewer line pipe that is damaged in Dallas, TX

Dependable Richardson Sewer Line Camera Inspection

We understand how quickly a sewer problem can ruin your day. Whether you are dealing with backups or clogs or are considering purchasing a new property, we will perform a sewer camera inspection to help identify the problem or potential problems with your sewer line.

A professional sewer camera inspection is the only way to know what is happening inside your Richardson sewer lines. This process allows our plumbing professionals to see and understand the state of your sewer pipes without any guesswork. Professional sewer camera inspections save you time and money by preventing unnecessary work and letting you rest easy, knowing the state of your sewer line.

With regular sewer camera inspections, we can perform:

  • Sewer Line Repair
  • Sewer Line Maintenance
  • Leak Detection

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Responsive, Quality Sewer Camera Inspection Service

Honest Assessment of Your Sewer Lines

What Is A Sewer Camera Inspection?

To have your sewer line professionally inspected, one of our NTX Plumbing certified technicians would insert a high-definition camera that is attached to a snake-like cable into your sewer line through a single access point. This camera will be fed through your sewer lines, allowing us to view any damage, buildup, or clogs within your pipes. A radio transmitter attached to this camera tells our experts exactly where the problem in your sewer line is located, ensuring that we have all of the necessary information to make repairs if an issue is found.

NTX Plumbing technician in the process of conducting a sewer line camera inspection in Dallas

Sewer Line Camera Inspection Services

Sewer Line Maintenance

In order to ensure a long, healthy life for your sewer pipes, regular maintenance is essential. Sewer lines should be professionally inspected at least once a year if the property is less than ten years old. We recommend a sewer line inspection every six months for older homes and businesses. Small problems can quickly become major ones if they aren’t dealt with quickly, and professional sewer inspections are the only way to see what’s going on within your pipes.

Sewer line camera equipment being used in Dallas, TX

Sewer Line Repair

Blockages, clogs, tree root infiltration, cracked or offset pipes, and sagging pipelines can all wreak havoc on your sewer system. Many of these issues remain unknown until they result in sewer water backups or strange noises and smells. Suppose you are dealing with repeated sewer problems and suspect that your residential or commercial sewer plumbing requires repair. In this case, a professional sewer camera inspection by our NTX Plumbing experts will give you a complete picture of what exactly needs to be done and where.

NTX Plumbing technicians digging in the ground in order to work with sewer pipes

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